Work Diva: How to Climb the Ladder without Selling your Soul

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Work Diva is a practical but fun guide for women who are dealing with a wide range of work-related issues, and it also contains gentle life lessons without being patronising or preachy. Focusing on the typical obstacles and challenges women face when they want to grow their careers and themselves, topics include 'Are you a diva or a doormat?'; 'To breed or not to breed'; 'The on and off of office romances'; 'Communication is a diva's best friend'; and many others.
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Work Diva is aimed at: women who are just starting out in a career but want to learn about the pitfalls and subtleties of corporate life; women who are in a career but want to progress further; women who are successful but want to polish their skills and learn new ones. A must-read for any woman who wants to get ahead and reach the pinnacle of success without selling her soul.


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