Author’s section

This section is for the use and perusal by published authors wishing to sell their books through Xarra Books, it outlines the Xarra consignment terms and conditions. After going through the following points and submitting a hard copy your book, you may continue to fill out the application form on the next page.

1. The Author agrees to make available the following book title(s) in the quantities noted below to the Bookseller on consignment at a 35% discount of which the commission percentage should be added to the publisher price. The Bookseller, in turn, agrees to display the consigned book title(s) properly and to maintain them in good, saleable condition for the term of this Agreement.

2. Author’s Responsibilities. The Author shall pay any expenses involved in getting the consigned books to and from the bookseller. At the termination of this Agreement, the Author shall pick up any unsold books or arrange to have the Bookseller ship them to the Author.

The author must be actively involved in marketing his/her book and must therefore work with Xarra by mentioning and also directing customers to Xarra Books as a retail outlet which is selling the author’s book.

3. Bookseller’s Responsibilities. The Bookseller shall display the books properly and maintain them in good, saleable condition. Any books which are not returned to the Author in good, saleable condition or are not returned at the termination of this Agreement shall be considered sold, and the Bookseller shall be responsible for payment according to the terms of this Agreement.

4. Terms of Payment. Beginning 90 days from the date of this Agreement, and every 60 days thereafter during the term of this Agreement, the Bookseller shall report which books, if any, were sold noting the quantity sold for each separate title (Stock Update Report). The Bookseller shall send payment to the Author with each report paying for the books sold, less the discount noted in (1) above.


NB: Please make sure you submit a Physical hard copy of your book to Xarra Books store in Midrand before completing this form