Management By Coaching- 7 Basic Keys

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Lauron has managed to bring seven coaching skills to the manager in this title.


This is the first title in SA and perhaps globally that focuses on seven basic keys, namely

  • Key 1: Models and structures…providing foundation through distinction
  • Key 2: Listening at level 2
  • Key 3: Building rapport and trust…getting to first base
  • Key 4: Effective questioning…unlocking teh power of questioning
  • Key 5: Confronting…maintaining accountability and performance
  • Key 6: Goal setting…creating the roadmap
  • Key 7: Developing an action plan…the discipline of getting things done


The author provides you with basic coaching skills to enable you to use coaching as your style. This will assist you to consistently improve the performance of the people who report to you – in other words, will help you to be even more effective in your roles than you are now.

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