New Cities New Economies

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This book locates the legacy of spatial Injustices inherited from apartheid’s social, political and economic engineering as the central cause of the challenges which are holding the country back. Its proposed solution is total national spatial reconstruction, to be spawned by the creation of many new mega city regions that will germinate new economics for South Africa and the rest of the continent.
The author, Dr Tshilidzi Ratshitanga writes, ‘The racial-spatial-inequality nexus makes it possible to understand the link between racial exclusion and spatial formation, since this is the major defining characteristic of the legacy of apartheid colonialism in South Africa. Similarly, ‘what unites the majority of African cities is that they exist as post-colonial legacies and thus commonly battle to transform and redefine themselves according to new visions.
The New Cities New Economies vision that this book proposes, defines a Pan-African economic revolution anchored upon massive urbanisation, modernisation and industrialisation across the whole of Africa. This is foreseen as nothing less than an African Grand Plan

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