Children’s Grief-A Guide for Parents

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This book is a guide to help adults talk to children about loss, grief and death.

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The author provides practical, helpful information and offers guidelines and strategies when dealing with sensitive situations in relation to children. Children experience grief and loss for many reasons: loss of a loved one, a separation or divorce, change of schools or death of a pet. The author, Pam Heaney, recognizes the difficulties adults face when talking to children about death; one of our biggest hurdles is not in educating children about loss but rather in equipping ourselves to do so. She concludes that we need to understand the distress children face when grieving and offer much-needed support. Pam Heaney is a greif counsellor and former funeral director. She gives clear, straightforward advice and respectfully recommends practical advice for different age groups, especially teens. Understanding the needs of children will help us help them when they’re most vulnerable.
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