To Hell And Back

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my memoirs ‘To Hell an Back: My experience under difficult colonial rule’ I have tried to record some events that happened during my lifetime as I have seen and experienced such events. I have also written about what I did during the period under review. If what I have written is painful to some individuals it is just because what I wrote are reflections of the true facts of what actually took place. And if some people are glorified it is because, indeed, what such persons exactly did. The intention of this book is to bequeath the historical reality and the truth of what happened during the period under discussion, to present and future generations. To the best of my recollection and experience, it is so painful that the history of our country is not recorded properly and sometimes is written by people who did not experience the events themselves, thus sometimes distorting the facts. To write a book like ‘To Hell an Back: My experience under difficult colonial rule’ can sometimes create sensation among some quarters, while it can be admired by others. The title of my memoirs suggests that the journey I travelled in my lifetime was extraordinary, difficult and unpredictable. To have grown up and escaped from our beloved country because of diabolic and barbaric treatment to which we were subjected by the South African apartheid regime, to have fought for the independence of the motherland and finally to have returned alive to our country in the manner I did, was indeed equivalent to coming back to enjoy normal life in my beloved country that was unlike the one I left before.

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