The “Y” In Your Man is Silent

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The novel follows the life of a Zimbabwean student, Fierce pursuing a PhD in a university in Cape Town, South Africa. The book follows her through the complex journeys of university life, love, work, school, family and all round relationships. She has a talkative mind, a loving heart and embraces all things beauty and love. Her views on relationships and marriage differ from the average woman. As her story unfolds she finds herself having to fight her way through societal standards, upholding the traditions she was raised by, supporting her family back home (Black Tax) and still trying to stay true to herself. The main character, Fierce, highlights that cheating, extra-marital affairs and betrayal are part and parcel of life, therefore, to be happy a woman has to accept that sharing a man is not such a bad thing, as long as he loves you

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Yvonne Maphosa

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1 Aug 2020


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