The Trouble With Africa

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This title refers to the frustrations and vexations we experience when we try to judge Africa from our Western perspective. It also alludes to the notion that although we may be confused and impatient with it, we are in Africa’s spell. Once Africa is in our blood, it is hard to let go. The author uses paintings accompanied by anecdotes and stories of his experiences in the bush and the people he met there to portray the magic of Africa, while simultaneously exploring the mystical connection between wild animals and man. The author also makes mention of one of Africa’s great conservationists, Norman Carr, as well as the splendour and beauty of Zambia, both of which he feels have not received the attention they deserve. Some of the stories are light-hearted, even humorous, others are sombre, but all are intended to reflect Africa’s inscrutable face the trouble with Africa.

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31 August 2006


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