“The Subversion of South Africa

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“The Subversion of South Africa by Ricardo Maarman is perhaps the most
stinging rebuke of the ANC government since it took office in 1994. Maarman
provides an encyclopedic treatise of South Africa’s past and current reality.
It comes at a time when rampant crime, unemployment, corruption, degrading
poverty, and economic stagnation have become common descriptors of the country.
This is a far cry from Nelson Mandela’s “ideal of a democratic and free society in
which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities.” If anything,
South Africa has entrenched its position of being a POSTER child of global
While others have attributed the ANC government’s catastrophic mishandling of
South Africa to sheer incompetence and corruption, Maarman goes much further.
For him, the pattern of failure is nothing short of subversion. His book provides a
chilling account of how the politicians, judges, mainstream media and so-called civil
society have all been corralled by foreign and domestic capital to undermine the
South African state.

Given the current administration's seeming intent to reverse any gains made since
1994, his account rings depressingly true.”

Professor Sipho Seepe: A strategy consultant, former Deputy Vice-Chancellor
University of Zululand, former Ministerial Advisor, a renowned political analyst and

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