The Briefcase

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Simao Kikamba masterfully strings together a compilation of what we refer to as ‘true fiction’, fictional stories based on real life experiences. Using the urban and peri-urban setting in Johannesburg, Kinshasa and Luanda as context, the author skillfully uses his wit, humour and powerful narrative to explore the topical themes of human trafficking, police over-handedness, the tussle between Diaspora and ‘home’, sex and infidelity, religion and human imperfections.
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Simon Luyikumu Kikamba


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1 review for The Briefcase

  1. Busisiwe Ngwenya

    The writer weaves familiar territory extensively as he delves into human trafficking, young women using their bodies to make a living and consequences thereof. Arranged marriage, a priest with a side chick other than serving the Lord and His flock as required by Catholics prescripts.
    The Briefcase story delves into the murky world of human trafficking, being away from your home and support system, financial lack and betrayal by ones husband who sells his wife for her body parts who fortunately survives when the assassin sent to deal takes pity on her. The police coming bearing the news about his demise (chopped) and unbelievably allowing her to keep her husband briefcase filled with cash. 
    One of the stories deals with a soldier who raped a disabled woman in front of her parents, and later as a high ranking police flogs a boy for selling goods in the streets to near death, only to find out that he almost his only child from his rape victim.
    In the list we find an overly protective mother who watches over the nanny like a hawk. Always critiquing and triple checking that her instructions are followed to T. She is devastated when the nanny transmits HIV/AIDS to the child through breastfeeding when the formula ran out,showing that you can never be too careful. 
    Two stories follow two girls who use their beauty to make a living with one ending contracting AIDS and transmitting it to  number of men in her area (leaving a list behind) and another being used for muthi purposes after accepting a lift from a stranger and taking his money (offered). 
    The book also deals with transgender issues in a conservative town, priest impregnating his long-term girlfriend twice and leaving a double life as a priest and a ‘husband’ and the consequences of his actions on the kids where they couldn’t freely acknowledge him as their parent or even be recognised as his during burial service. 
    The stories are narrated mostly in a reader friendly manner and are relatable as they deal with everyday life occurences. The only would be that Father Francis and a proxy marriage stories are overly long and the message could have been delivered with fewer, making this reader lose focus (interest) a bit.
    The messages gleaned around the stories are that you can never claim to fully know another human being, that parents will always put their kids, karma does struck in unexpected ways, that we need to be true to who we are so we don’t raise expectations and cause unnecessary pain. Poverty and HIV/AIDS are still with us, let’s continue with advocating for change.

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