Teeth Of The Earth

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Teeth of the Earth is a treasure trovea scintillating mix of fl avours with shattering experiences from a variety of locations that explore universal aspects such as love, life, birth, death, religion, disillusionment, politics, praise invocation and criticism of society and persons, as well as some more specifi c issues like prejudice and inequity penetrating comments on social and philosophical events ranging from the traditional rural tranquility to urbanized life that is modernity in Africa. The poems offer a banquet replete with irony, piquancy, sadness and joy. They have an intensity and a lightness of touch, the lines fl owing with effortless and pleasing rhythm like the river silent in the night. One poem gives much to think about in its own right, although the temptation to turn the page to read the next one is overpowering. The imagery and feeling seem to draw the reader into a deep sympathy and identifi cation of each poem crackles with its own unique intelligence and revelatory experience. These are just poems, poems of constant revelations that strengthen the bond between us rather than alienating us. This book will be found invaluable by scholars, pleasure and general readers. Savour it for knowledge enrichment.

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