Sound Unbound

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Sound UnboundSampling Digital Music and Cultureedited by Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spookythat Subliminal Kid foreword by Cory Doctorowintroduction by Steve ReichIf Rhythm Science was aboutthe flow of things, Sound Unbound is about the remix–how music, art, and literature have blurredthe lines between what an artist can do and what a composer can create. In Sound Unbound, RhythmScience author Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid asks artists to describe their work andcompositional strategies in their own words. These are reports from the front lines on the role ofsound and digital media in an information-based society. The topics are as diverse as thecontributors: composer Steve Reich offers a memoir of his life with technology, from tape loops tovideo opera; Miller himself considers sampling and civilization; novelist Jonathan Lethem writesabout appropriation and plagiarism; science fiction writer Bruce Sterling looks at dead media; RonEglash examines racial signifiers in electrical engineering; media activist Naeem Mohaiemen exploresthe influence of Islam on hip hop; rapper Chuck D contributes “Three Pieces”; musicianBrian Eno explores the sound and history of bells; Hans Ulrich Obrist and Philippe Parreno interviewcomposer-conductor Pierre Boulez; and much more. “Press ‘play,'” Miller writes, “andthis anthology says ‘here goes.'” The groundbreaking mix CD that accompanies the book featuresNam Jun Paik, the Dada Movement, John Cage, Sonic Youth, and many other examples of avant-gardemusic. Most of the CD’s content comes from the archives of Sub Rosa, a legendary record label thathas been the benchmark for archival sounds since the beginnings of electronic music.Paul D. Milleraka DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid is a conceptual artist, writer, and musician living and working inNew York City. His artwork has appeared in the Whitney Biennial, the Venice Biennale forArchitecture, the Andy Warhol Museum, and many other venues. His written work has appeared in suchpublications as the Village Voice and Artforum. He is an editor of the magazine 21c( and the author of Rhythm Science (MIT Press, 2004).Contributors [sidebar]DavidAllenby, Pierre Boulez, Catherine Corman, Chuck D, Erik Davis, Scott De Lahunta, Manuel DeLanda,Cory Doctorow, Eveline Domnitch, Frances Dyson, Ron Eglash, Brian Eno, Dmitry Gelfand, Dick Hebdige,Lee Hirsch, Vijay Iyer, Ken Jordan, Douglas Kahn, Daphne Keller, Beryl Korot, Jaron Lanier, JosephLanza, Jonathan Lethem, Carlo McCormick, Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid, Moby,Naeem Mohaiemen, Alondra Nelson, Keith and Mendi Obadike, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Pauline Oliveros,Philippe Parreno, Ibrahim Quaraishi, Steve Reich, Simon Reynolds, Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud, NadineRobinson, Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR), Alex Steinweiss, Bruce Sterling, Lucy Walker, Saul Williams,Jeff E. Winner

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