So That You Never Forget

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So That You Never Forget – Sexually active high scholars protect their future. Will Sex Make High School The End of the World? In a time of high HIV/AIDS and pregnancy prevalence, sexually active high school seniors and juniors expose themselves to love, sex, HIV and other STDs. At the start of the novel the Department of Health has launched a Nationwide Voluntary Counselling and Testing drive at various high schools, during HIV and AIDS Awareness Month. It is during this scene that we meet Wanele, a grade eleven pupil, who is taken on a journey and realises the burden of having engaged in sexual relationships. Her journey, portrayed by the many experiences and decisions that high school scholars are not ready for, provides a rude awakening to what is really happening and the consequences of those decisions. While Wanele is conscientious of using protection to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, she realises that it also depends on her partner’s behaviour and faithfulness. We realise through Wanele that high school students may be ill-equipped to deal with the emotional, physical and psychological requirements that sex brings with it.

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Fanele S. Mkhize


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