Shadows Of Justice

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Born in 1936 Graham fought for human rights from all angles. He saw himself as a white man in Africa, here to set right the wrongs of his tribal line. Graham shared a deep spirituality with the ancestral heritage of the African continent. He found no greater enemy than the apartheid government of South Africa’s cruel foreign invasion. In this period 1952 – 1974 he was a hunted man and spent most of his time labeled a notorious criminal and incarcerated, where he was starved and tortured. He fled South Africa in 1969 by foot in a futile attempt to join the P.A.C. in Tanzania. In 1975 he married Jenny Clark. Jenny had polio as a child and is 95% physically disabled. Graham was never involved in any political party and fought for freedom, justice and equality from the unwavering truths of his heart.

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Graham Michael Lesch



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