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Rain, in the African context, has a deep cultural significance. It symbolizes the prevalence of peace as a tirade against any cruel authority or fundamentalism of all kinds. Drop of Rain! is a unique, epic, surrealistic and long unparalleled poem . . .which is used ornamentally as a tender whisper of struggle and peace that offers unlimited thinking and space and uncovers the truth that toughens and softens the dark shades of human souls and the shape of the animus within our dreams from multi-textured life. It reveals the conscience, the consciousness and conscientiousness, the wit, care and foresight—to everyone who feels, thinks, sings, and dreams of Rain; to share that inner glowing, glorious, chorally co-operative music of rain and making of tomorrow—as a liberating and humanistic philosophy; to awaken societal and opinionated values and social intercourse. This poetry, I hope, offers a window on African humanity, in and beyond the continent; because the Rain is everywhere. Every Drop of Rain! has a poem to unite our beautiful world for a permanent global peace. ‘Personal Rain alone is not enough, Village Rain alone is not enough, Country Rain alone is not enough, African Rain alone is not enough, European Rain alone is not enough, American Rain alone is not enough and . . . ‘ A cow does not excrete its whole dung at once. Pula ga e ne! Let it rain in four corners of the world! Drop of Rain! will constantly invite your own freedom of interpretation as you enjoy the journey of reading it.

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