My Family of Superheroes – An Ordinary Family Discovering their Super Powers

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We all know that fictional superheroes exist in comics, movies and games but did you know that REAL superheroes genuinely exist and are living inside every one of us?

Follow a little girl called Precious and find out how she came to make this momentous discovery.

Every child, irrespective of gender or race, will find themselves in situations that test their self-confidence and courage.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if they had a foolproof, life-long tool to use in these circumstances? A potent mantra which could lift them above self-doubt and fear, into a position of power, well equipped to take on the world – and win!

This book, specifically written to be read with a child by a parent or caregiver, uses engaging illustrations and emotive language to tell a compelling yet accessible story of triumph over adversity.

Precious sees her mother as a shining role model when she watches Mom make an impressive presentation. Mom in turn, shares her secret with Precious – her private motto which has helped her succeed since she was a girl – “I am strong, I am capable, I am enough, I can do anything with the power inside of me!”

By using this positive affirmation, Precious is then able to overcome her insecurities and doubts when faced with a challenging race at school.  She becomes a superhero, just like her mom!

Young children will resonate with the images of Precious, her parents and baby sibling (and even the family cat) dressed as the heroes and heroines of their own story.  Readers will realise that no matter how large or small a problem might be, once you have put on your “cloak of confidence” or “suit of success” anything is possible!

By starting with positive affirmations from an early age, children will grow up being able to access their inner strength and the innate ability to connect with the fountain of internal power which is buried deep within them.

The greatest gift we can give our children is the ability to be their own superhero!

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