Musi Musings

Musi High School is a place where memories were created, inspiration found, strength derived, and a sense of belonging developed for all of us. We at Musi believe that while cerebral activity is important, it is not the only thing that makes us who we are; our mental faculty does not describe the sum total of who we are.

Thus, we may borrow from Descartes’ idea and knowledge of existence, and say, “I pertinent ergo sum’, meaning ‘I belong therefore I am. It is this sense of belonging that has enabled us to stand proud and enjoy the honour of being part of this great family, a long line of people who have passed through this school for 75 years.

This collection of memories, contributed by previous and current learners as well as teachers from this great institution, bears testimony to the claim that everyone who has been part of the Musi High family has a story to tell, a good story. The collection of 26 stories takes us to the humble beginnings of Musi High School and, like time travellers, we traverse the years of apartheid the transition to the new South Africa.

The collection closes off with an affirming poem from the current school president of Musi Comprehensive High School, as it is now known. With fervour and humour, the stories convey a clear message of love and appreciation, defying any notion of defeat, punctuated by the befitting war cry, Nil Desperandum!

Musi Musings


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Edited By Rev. Themba Mntambo


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