Mc Bride of Frankeumanto

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hat a year it has been. Since the appearance of The Art of the South African insult, we’ve had the drunk judge, the koelie cruiser, Robert “pants on fire” McBride and presidential proctologist Ronald Suresh Roberts, who is apparently the least likeable man in the land. We got our collective knickers in a knot over a song about a Boer War general, a bank tried to organize mass protest about crime by writing letters to President Mbeki and Schabir Shaik began his quest to spend his entire jail sentence in a hospital bed. Civil servants went on strike, but nobody noticed and Jacob Zuma jokes went out of fashion but the Kangaman still can. Manto Tshabalala-Msimang raised our hopes after being packed off to hospital for a liver transplant and then dashed them by returning to work, hale and hearty, as Frankenmanto. McBride of Frankmanto – The Return of the South African insult takes us on another Diepsloot taxi ride through the South African psyche, from Aikona to Dlamini-Zzzzzzuma.

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