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Dinotshi ke padi ya erotika e e kwadilweng ka Setswana, ya ntlha ya mofuta wa yona, ya puo e e tlhamaletseng ntle le go tshaba kgotsa go fitlha sepe.
Moanelwamogolo ke lekgarebe le le ka fa tlasenyana ga dingwaga di le masomeamararo. Fa o mo leba o itlhaganetse o ka nagana gore kgarebe ya rona ke motho yo o ithatelang morogo go gaisa sengwe le sengwe le gore mekgwa ya gagwe e tlhotlhelediwa ke go sa itumelang ga gagwe mo lenyalong. Mme fa o mo leba sentle o tsenelela mo semelong sa gagwe, o simolola go lemoga gore mosadi yo ke motho fela jaaka rona rotlhe, yo o itumelelang se nama le letlalo di mo kgontshang go se itumelela fa a santse a le mo botshelong. Dinotshi e na le baanelwa ba banna ba bantsi go gaisa ba basadi. Le fa go le jalo, ke kgaitsadiarona wa letheka le le tlhotlhonetseng ruri yo o di gogang kwa pele le yo o tlisang monate go gaisa mo pading.
Tshwetso ya mokwadi ya gore mosadi e nne moenelwamogolo mo pading ke maikaelelo, eseng phoso kgotsa selo se se itiragaletseng fela. Mopadi o tshela mo nakong e a lemogang gore ketapele ya basadi e botkhokwa go le gokae. Setswana ke puo e tlotlofoko ya sona e tlotlang banna mme e na le lenyatso le le rileng fa go tliwa ka fa bommeng, go tshwana le dipuo di le dintsi. Lefoko mosadi ke sekao. Go ya ka lefoko leo, mosadi ke motho yo o salang kwa lapeng fa monna a tsena mo dikgweng a ya go senka botshelo.
Go amogela le go ipela ka bowena go ya ka maikutlo a gago fa go tliwa mo mererong ya mapae go santse go tshabisa batho bangwe madi mo Aforika, selo se se ka go makatsang ka kontinente ya rona e na le batho ba le bilione le go feta ka palo, ebile palo eo e santse e gola letsatsi le letsatsi. Matshepo le makau a gagwe ba fano go leka go fetola seo.


Dinotshi is an erotic novella written in Setswana, the first of its no-punches-pulled kind. The lead is female and in her late 20s. On the surface, our vixen appears to be a coitus-crazed cougar whose actions are driven purely by her marital unhappiness. Peel away the top layer and you find out that our first lady is just a girl being a human being like all of us, enjoying what little carnal pleasures there are to be enjoyed before she checks out. There’s a lot of men in this novella, as there usually is in works of fiction. It’s Miss Baddie, however, who runs the show. The decision to go with a female lead was a deliberate one. Setswana as a language is steeped, as most languages are, in patriarchy. The word for woman in Setswana is mosadi. Mosadi means remainer, or the one who stays behind. You’re welcome to draw your own conclusions as to how that word came to be. Embracing one’s sexuality is still taboo in Africa, a continent, ironically enough, with over 1 billion people and with a headcount that’s always on the rise. Our beautiful, bubbly, body count bossing babe, with the help of her similarly oversexed partners in slime, is here to shake the table.

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1 review for Dinotshi

  1. xarrabooks

    Book – Dinotshi
    Author – Tuelo Gabonewe
    Genre – Fiction
    Publisher – Xarra Books (2020)
    Reviewer: Puleng Hopper

    The book ‘Dinotshi’ is in Setswana, and it falls under the erotica genre. There are a lot of sex scenes in the book. The normal, you can do this at home type of thobalano. As Mosotho, I read and comprehend Setswana, the languages are similar in many ways.

    ‘Dinotshi’ is a fascinating and in part fascitious story of how two friends, Modiri and Lethola, were under the impression that they were the players, yet, at the back of the ranch, Matshepo had an upper hand and managed to dribble them both them and beat them 10 nil.

    Most of the books in our indeginous African languages, although brilliant, are written mostly by the elderly, and are mainly set in rural areas .The books have a high dosage of patriarchy, the latter which is condoned by women of that time. The books tend to have insignificant female sub characters,who are normally not fully developed. The women may also not be sexual beings. Such books that I have read in recent times are ‘Nna sageni Kokobela’ by KE Ntsane, ‘Leetong’ by SM Mofokeng and ‘Kabelwamanong’ by KDP Maphalla.

    On the other hand, the book ‘Dinotshi’ is ground breaking . It is set in the post democratic era and in urban areas, Randburg, Naturena, Malvern, Sandton Killarney and other places in Johannesburg. It’s contemporary nature also lies in the mention of
    Facebook, whatsup, YouTube, and the internet. There is also mention of Quantams and MTN taxi rank which is painted vividly.

    Matshepo in the narration is independent, owns her house and car, and had about three lovers that we know about. She is comfortable in her own skin, sexual, and she is clear about her expectations in the bedroom.

    Although the novel is in Setswana, the characters were not all Batswana. The book is all embracing and spoke to the reality that in Gauteng especially, there are different tribes that live together. Modiri is Motswana, Lethola is Mosotho and bo Zanele are Zulus.

    O kare batho ba bangata ba ka bala ‘Dinotshi’ ba ikutlwelle monate wa yona le manepe a teng.

    ‘Dinotshi’ is progressive and refreshing offering that puts women in their rightful leadership place in books writen in our Black languages. It also weaved magic in terms of setting and characters.

    Tuelo Gabonewe writes in Setswana and English. Some of his works are ‘Planet Savage (Jacana Media 2011),’ Sarchophagus’ (Geko Publishers 2016), ‘Hippo and his friends’ Inalibali (2020)

    All Tuelo’s books are now on my TBR list. He is an ambitious and talented author to look out for. He is one of the authors that are making us proud and putting our African languages on the map.

    If talking and writing about sex and sexuality is taboo for you, ‘Dinotshi’ may not be your cup of tea. As for me I loved and enjoyed the book and what it seekers to achieve in literature.

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