A Journey to Self Discovery

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A Journey to Self Discovery is a spiritual self-help book for Abantwana Bethongo to connect with their Ancestors, finding balance and confidence when facing life’s challenges with their Ancestors and the Spirit by their side.

When we face challenges in life, some may still feel lost despite relying on their faith. To help navigate through these difficult times, more guidance may be needed to discover our true purpose.

A Journey to Self-Discovery aims to help you discover who you really are. However, before we can know ourselves and where we are going, we must understand where we’ve come from. Our Ancestors hold the key to our breakthroughs if we can honor them and listen. Author Sikelelwa Faith Venfolo has reached out to her own ancestors to help her guide others to their own.

Venfolo skillfully explains in plain language the meaning behind our own struggles, why our Ancestors may not fulfill our desires immediately, and how to follow their instructions without becoming discouraged or losing sight of our Ancestors. By carrying out our Ancestors requirements, we become one with them, find balance in the Spirit, and align with them. This allows us to fulfill our destiny and become the vessels we were created to be.

No matter how our Ancestors may let us go through struggles, they always know what they are doing and always see us through it all. With that in mind, Venfolo has sealed this book with love and a vision for Abantwana Bethongo to see the bigger picture and never lose sight of it.

Seek your Ancestors, trust in their guidance, and discover your calling now!

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