The author here shares her experience in the Corporate South Africa (Bank to be exact). The shocking realization to those who have never worked in the corporate and very real-life story to those who have worked in such environment. The pain of a black young woman failed by the system. Being undervalued, victimized, underpaid etc. Being vocal leading to being sidelined and top executives trying to push you out of the system hence most black people accept anything and questions nothing just to save their jobs. Many black people will talk in the corridors but they dare escalate such issues because they know the system will clean them out.

The most painful thing is when even black executives have been appointed in these top positions, they turn a blind eye. They are glorified blacks that have made it but do less or nothing for the young black professionals. They have lended, why bother? The truth in this book will evoke feelings of anger to a white man but (for me) mostly to the black brothers that in turn have decided to adopt the same system against their fellow black young sisters and brothers.

Sihle was one of those strong black women who knew her rights, skilled, experienced and educated. She tried everything possible to win against the system. She shares every detail of her efforts in trying to be recognized but nothing came forth. They tried pushing her out, but she stood strong until one day she gave up for her own sanity and for her health.

Her story is not unique but less shared, we have witnessed people losing their lives, some go through depression and end up sent to a risk pool because they cannot perform their duties anymore. The system has made some lose their confidence and end up thinking they do not have what it takes or they are worthless. They doubt their capabilities.

Confidentiality of salaries- why confidential? Maybe not to know how much your white colleague earns or izimpimpi (black ass lickers) earn. But asikho lapho!!!