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45 year old Millicent is an aloof housewife who is detached from reality because of the affluent lifestyle that her husband of 25 years, Paul Fletcher has afforded her. When the recession hits, Paul feels emasculated and becomes physically abusive to Millicent. Millicent buys a gun to protect herself from him but he discovers the gun in her handbag and kicks her out, leaving her in the middle of nowhere. She survives and finds refuge at a safe house in Three Sisters where she meets Lesego. Her twin daughters, Angela and Melissa find her at the safe house and they help her to find the strength to end her marriage to Paul.
Lesego is an independent 23 year old that’s just moved to Johannesburg from Lehurutshe in her first job. She is an idealist and has a crush on her boss, Stephen but her bitter ex-boyfriend, Peter finds her and rapes her in her apartment. She gets onto a bus to escape and ends up in Three Sisters, where she meets Millicent at the safe house. They become friends and after Millicent leaves the safe house, she invites Lesego to come stay with her at her seaside cottage. This is when Lesego and Millicent realise that they are half sisters.
33 year old Mpho’s flaw is that she loves her husband, Kgotso. He is physically abusive to her, but her mother, Mma Mpho rescues her and their daughter, five year old Bonolo. Mpho goes back to Kgotso and this is what leads to her untimely death. Mma Mpho avenges her daughter, Mpho’s death and shoots Kgotso dead.

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