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The Last Frontier War



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This book tells the story of how a black community in rural South Africa, the Bahurutshe Ba Ga Moiloa, managed to hold onto the farm which they purchased in 1908 and to resist attempts by successive white-controlled governments to forcefully remove them from their land. Braklaagte, the farm in the Northwestern corner of the country, near the Botswana border, was (in terms of the Land Act) a “black spot” in “white” South Africa. When the Apartheid regime failed to effect the forced removal of the community under the resolute leadership of their traditional leader, John Lekoloane Sebogoi, the people were first expropriated and later forcefully incorporated into the Bophuthatswana homeland, thus losing their South African citizenship. The Braklaagte community lived through serious violence before being reincorporated into a reunified South Africa in 1994. The purpose of the book is not to tell the Braklaagte story for its own sake, but to interpret the narrative in the context of discourses on South African historiography

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