The Heart Knows


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The Heart knows is a collection of a mother’s reflections and a quest to find healing. It traces the highs and lows, the imbalance behind our masks, the puzzle, the pieces in the middle of nowhere and sometimes, the flickering of light. It is the spaces in between the weight of the forced smiles, the silence and the cracks of hope. It quivers like prayers, unanswered questions, and somewhere in between, there is light.

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Florence is a mother. She gave birth for the very first time in the month of August 1995. She love motherhood and all that it has brought her. Her children are her light. Each one , a pulse that keeps this heart of her beating. She loves being their mother. On November 2015, her world went into a mad, ruthless spin. Her son, beautiful prince, was taken from them, in broad daylight, on her birthday. It felt like labour, but in reverse. Her son died in the swimming pool of her Johannesburg home.

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