The Border Jumper

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The Border Jumper’ is an account of a young man who leaves his beloved City of Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) in search of economic opportunity and gets entangled in the criminal underbelly of Jozi (Johannesburg).

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The Border Jumper is a chilling account of a young man’s ordeal when he leaves his native Zimbabwe for South Africa. Qinisela, who hails from Bulawayo escapes a low-paid factory job and a biting economic crisis. Like other like-minded, he has his sights on Jozi, the City of Gold, as Johannesburg is famed.


He survives a treacherous journey across the border but once in Johannesburg, he finds himself sucked into its underworld with no easy way out. the story is a brutally frank journey into the world of border jumping, a journey that remains engraved in the mid long after the last page has been turned.

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