Ordained Parents: Power Tools for Purposeful Parenting


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This book will help you help yourself towards becoming a capable and assertive parent no matter the ups and downs of life.

Nokuthula Xulu is sincere, insightful, inspirational and full of love. She says that it is God who assigns parents their special role in life. She shares her spiritual and professional journey through lived personal testimony. She grounds her empowerment testimonial in solid values and principles aimed at fostering sustainable and mutually-beneficial parent-child relationships.

This book is for all parents. Especially those who are eager to consciously raise children, to become well-adjusted and independent adults in a purposeful and effective manner. Herewith the book’s key messages:

  • Lose fear and gain courage
  • Unlearn hurt and learn love
  • Be a true believer- face challenges and find solutions for your parenting journey
  • Search for deeper insights on what God expects from parents
  • God has assigned you divine powers to be a parent – LISTEN TO HIM AND WIN

Can you step up to your parenting call?

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