Marry Me Today, Leave Me Tomorrow

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This book is an eye-opener. It opens eyes to a
number of blind spots that one could not see about the revered
institution of marriage.
When you get married, there are eyes watching.

In this book, Marry Me Today, Leave Me Tomorrow: 12
Marriage Pitfalls That Lead To Divorce, author, Godfrey
Malibe, will show you everything you need to know about eyes. Those are the eyes of the both of you. Those are the eyes of the community.

This book goes on to ask a million-dollar marriage question that only you can answer. This question has been asked many times before but it is still hold water: Why did you get married?

Did you get married to please your family, neighbours, relatives, friends, religious leaders, your cultural custodians or to join two loving hearts?

These are the chilly hot questions the book keeps asking.

Are our motives working for us?

Are we happy in our marriages or simply surviving to pretend another day?

This is book is an important tool for those who are married and those still planning to.

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