Madness In Duggart

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The year is 1986. While most of Duggart’s mentally afflicted inhabitants are scattered in mental hospitals, traditional healers’ quarters and churches’ healing quarters, Dooks, like an uncomfortable number of other mentally ill people, is singing a different tune. Dooks Digame is in a class of his own. Funny, witty, scary, wise, spooky, weird, creepy, sick, intense, psychic, shrink, dangerous: all these labels have been used to describe Dooks. He has as many labels as he has fans … and enemies. He is quite simply a special, unique case.. While many people fantasise about being rich and famous one day, and occasionally imagine what their lives would be like once they had hit the jackpot, Dooks doesn’t waste his precious time with such wishful thinking. In his dreamy world, he is already a multimillionaire. — Publisher’s description.

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