I Fell In Love with my Abuser, But God!


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As any young girl, Sarahina Mayoyo pictured a life full of love, joy and happily ever after. But those hopes were drastically shattered when she was sexually molested at age five, an actuality complexed by the circumstance of rejection, abandonment and self doubt. Her life took a  downward spiral since the abuse and no matter how much she tried to dig herself out of the pit of pain and anger, her wound was just too deep. She could have let that be the ending story of her life and allowed hurt to swallow her up…

Instead, she decided to take God at his word and believe there is better beyond her tears of pain and anger.

Sarahina’s captivating story, unflinchingly honest and intensely vulnerable, is a striking reminder that God can turn the deepest pain into His perfect purpose.

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