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A circle is closed



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Leaving South Africa and coming back three decades later, Bethuel Setai decide that telling his own story should be a lesson to all that every black South African has a story to tell; we must never forget that. This story of his journey into exile from the life that was set for him by apartheid regime. Bethuel answered the call given to him by the ANC to fight Verwoerd and his regime by spreading the word of it’s atrocities across the world. Mandated by the ANC to pursue his studies in the USA and eventually becoming a Professor of Economics, as an educator Bethuel focused his energies on recruiting, training and nurturing a younger generation of South Africans in exile in preparation for the day that they would be called up onto govern a free South Africa. He was able to fulfill his mandate with his family by his side. He made it back home in 1991 and contributed to laying the foundations for democratic South Africa. This is his story.

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