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Xarra Books is ranked #1 book shop in Gauteng (South Africa) and #99 of 141 places to visit in Johannesburg by Lonely Planet since 2010! Click here for more on this and to locate us.

If you’re hoping to find books about how Europe ‘civilised’ Africa, you won’t find them here! 
At Xarra, the mainstream is the African Book. You will also find a wide selection of international reads, bestsellers, lifestyle, biographies, sport, esoteric, philosophy, motivational, other genres, music CDs, DVDs and Art.

But, if you are looking for inspiration, entertainment, deeper understanding of the ways of the world, gift ideas or simply how to prepare a fine African dish, visit us at Xarra.

PERSPECTIVES is our main category and carries a selection of Africa’s top 100 writings (African Gold), biographies, life stories, politics, history, religion & philosophy. Select a subcategory on the left-hand column to explore these subcategories and to continue shopping